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What about a whiteboard? May 17, 2007

Posted by Jeff in blog, collaboration.

I recently was discussing collaboration strategies within our department with a colleague of mine, when he made an interesting point. To paraphrase: “You know what will happen when we start talking about collaboration? There will be a 6 month corporate initiative to implement some over-engineered tools that are already obsolete. You know what I would really like to see? A big, whiteboard setup right at the entrance where people could just write down what is going on and what issues they are facing…”

I just kind of laughed and nodded politely, but the more I thought about it the more it made sense on some basic level. To me, the underlying issue that he was getting at was a need to change the fundamental way that people in the office think about sharing information. The tools are only the enablers for people willing to use them. That’s why I think that the success of collaboration in Enterprise 2.0 has to be primarily driven from the bottom-up.

I guess that is part of the reason I am writing here: this blog is my own whiteboard. Feel free to write on it too.


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2. Peter-Anthony Glick - June 4, 2007

Hello Jeff
First of all, thanks for referring to my site and to this now getting famous list of cultural syndromes.
I must say however that I have moved on from believing that a bottom-up approach can really succeed to change the culture in a large organization. The majority of the initiatives should be involving the “front lines” but these initiatives must also have the support and be driven by top-executives. Without the involvement of at least one influential board member, you knowledge-sharing initiatives risk not going very far since the rewards and recognition mechanisms wont be adapted.
This is not to say that you and all of us (not sitting at a Board) should not try promoting K-sharing around us but we should remain realistic with our capabilities to change a culture.
Peter-Anthony Glick

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