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links for 2007-10-25 October 25, 2007

Posted by Jeff in links.


1. danortega - October 25, 2007

The trick isn’t to be able to reach into a range of repositories and pull out information, the issue is providing a meaningful response to a query. Once people start going into corporate content repositories they are looking for information in context, and that means integration across potentially federated sources, with mixed media types, and organized and deliverd by topic. This isn’t the sort of thing Google does (yet). Good market opportunity, though.

2. Jeff - October 26, 2007

Good point Dan – I guess that I would argue that reaching into a range of repositories is a necessary step in the process. I also believe that the search algorithms used by Google provide some mechanism to put those queries into context by analyzing the click-throughs of search results, etc. Ultimately, I have a higher degree of confidence that Google can provide some value here – based on their (Internet-based) track record – but I am not sure if they are there yet.

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