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Blind Leading the Blind May 22, 2007

Posted by Jeff in general, RSS.
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Can someone please tell me why a site such as Social Computing Magazine does not have a very easy to find RSS feed? By “easy to find” I mean any kind of link to a feed – ideally one easily identified with one of those ubiquitous orange icons (like Feed icon or XML icon). Considering that RSS is one of the fundamental building blocks of social software such as blogs, the absence of the easily accessible feeds is extra conspicuous. These people are supposed to “get” Web 2.0, etc. but this kind of behaviour makes me think that they might just be jumping on the Web 2.0 bandwagon.

BTW – there apparently is a feed available for the site. Thanks to Firefox for finding it for me.

 Update June 7, 2007. Wow! I must have some serious influence. I went to the Social Computing Magazine site today, and there was a nice orange XML icon right there on the main menu. I guess that they *do* get Web 2.0.